The Grand Prize!

Completely redesigned
Prepare yourself to get stared at. A lot. Because the design of the all new Beetle is magnetic, iconic, and utterly unique. That gorgeous curvy profile and famous front end are recognizable around the world, and there are dozens of nicknames to prove it. To say that it’s a Volkswagen is actually an understatement. It’s the Volkswagen. It’s the soul of the brand. It’s the face that launched a global company.
Bi-Xenon™¹ headlights
Those Bi-Xenon™¹ headlights must know they’re amazing or they wouldn’t stare so confidently, would they? The small footlights set the stage for the Xenon lights that emit a brighter light than traditional headlights. And that doesn’t hold a candle to how they make the all-new Beetle look, well, all new. ¹“Bi-Xenon” is a trademark of Hella, Inc. U.S.A. ²Feature is optional.
Seats four
Comfortably. We know, normally cars this sporty don’t even have backseats, or if they do, they’re more like a nod to the idea of a backseat rather than a real one. But in the Beetle, you can have your sport and seat four, too.
Color-matched dashboard
In another inspired bit of design, we brought back the color-matched dashboard. So if you get a red car, you can have a red dash. Same with yellow, blue, silver, and black. It’s a simple feature that makes all the difference in style.
Heritage-inspired Käferfach glovebox
Instead of getting just the one glovebox on your Beetle, now you get two. Think of it as a second life for great ideas. The Käferfach glovebox allows you to stash all your stuff right at your fingertips. It’s perfect for your phone, your shades, and your breath mints. You know, just in case. Not to mention gloves.
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